“We at Oakbridge Stock Trading Institute Inc. (OSTII) desire not just to produce great traders and certified professionals but we seek to bring out the fullest potential from each individual; Bold but humble about their gifts and generous of spirit; Great people when they can be, humble professionals when they should be; and, most importantly, architects of financial wellness that transcend the ordinary.” – J. Sotelo, CFMP, CATA, CAEA, CMT AF


Oakbridge Stock Trading Institute Inc. (OSTII) is a Financial Market Institution that provides financial market literacy, comprehensive equities / forex training and Bloomberg certification program based on Bloomberg learning system with a touch of personal experiences from our market veterans. OSTII is also the brainchild advocacy of its founder and chairman, fueled by the belief that financial market education can be attained and afforded by majority of the Filipino population regardless of their social status and profession. OSTII curriculum is a collective wisdom of all its mentors and board of directors which comprises of financial charter holders, MBA, Institutional brokers and Investment bankers. Our varied program is designed by top-caliber markets practitioners, in order to build each student’s foundation based on their trading profile and career objectives. Oakbridge tailor-made course outline spans across a wide array of topics ranging from basic stock market dynamics and fundamentals to interdisciplinary trading strategies, psychology, Bloomberg terminal navigation and risk management. Furthermore, to evaluate each students’ progress, we conduct weekly evaluations which consist of individual portfolio discussion, fundamental / technical case studies and personality assessments.




Honesty and transparency are critical to our advocacy. We pride ourselves on being responsible and accountable for our actions.


We use our experience, expertise and resources to deliver the best, sustainable results.


We persist to do the right thing in the right way. Our business decisions and actions are framed by ethical and moral values as well as legal requirement.

Social Responsibility:

We are committed to building and sustaining our community. We have various ongoing initiatives that cater for the welfare of our society without the need for publicity.


We are passionate about leaving things better than we found them.

Every Trader Matter:

This is at the core of everything we do. We each have our own strengths and weakness. We each have different learning curves. And we each bring our full selves to trading.


We envision a time where financial literacy education and professional certification can be easily attainable and affordable for Filipinos. We believe trading and finance courses are not just for the wealthy and fortunate but rather an avenue of opportunity for a community of committed, driven, and passionate advocates of holistic financial wellness.


To become a prime provider for financial market education and certification who passionately delivers a holistic tailor-made programs that brings out the fullest potential from each student and professional; Bold but humble about their gifts and generous of spirit; Great people when they can be, humble professionals when they should be; and, most importantly, architects of financial wellness that transcend the ordinary.




Dennis Tan

Dennis Tan has been involved in the financial markets for over 21 years.

After graduating from Ateneo De Manila University, he joined AB Capital and Investment Corporation -- one of the leading investment houses in the Philippines in the late 90s. He started as a fixed-income securities trader dealing in bonds issued by the government and top Philippine companies. He was responsible for foreign exchange trading as well. Read More...

At the same firm, Dennis transitioned to an investment banker responsible for doing due diligence reports and originating debt or equity securities for top Philippine corporations. After a few years, he moved to European banking powerhouse Credit Lyonnais (CL). His responsibilities included trading foreign currencies for top Philippine conglomerates as well as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. He was also a credit analyst covering telecommunications and energy companies.

After several years in the banking industry, Dennis joined a boutique research firm with offices in the US, Hong Kong, and Thailand. For 15 years, he covered and recommended oil and gas companies (listed in the US, Canada, and Australia) to international clients.

Dennis is a Foreign Exchange and Money Market Dealer certified by the Ateneo – Bankers Association of the Philippines Institute of Banking. He is now a full-time trader with Agora Trading Partners. Read Less

Nikki Yu

Nikki Yu is a Chartered Market Technician and has been involved in the financial markets for over 10 years. She is also the chairwoman of CMT Philippines.

After graduating from Ateneo De Manila University, she joined ING Private Bank and started as a marketing assistant responsible for private wealth clients for a number of investment products specifically high yield bonds, stocks, currencies and time deposits. Read More...

She transitioned to a research assistant position in COL Financial doing reports and notes for Philippine corporations. Afterwards, she moved to their Hongkong department. Her responsibilities included trading HK Equities for the proprietary desk as well as analyzing companies listed in Hongkong Stock Exchange.

After several years, she joined Wealth Securities as a research assistant for consumer but later transferred to the sales desk recommending companies (listed in the Philippines) to clients. Read Less

Melvin Jason S. De Vera

Investment Consultant and a Certified Investment Solicitor, First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI)

Forex Trader – Elite Level and an Introducing Broker, XM Philippines Read More...

Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA®) by American Academy of Financial Management

Head Coach, Certified Financial Market Professional Program (CFMP), Certified Advanced Equity Analyst (CAEA), Certified Advanced Technical Analyst (CATA)

President, Finance Educators Association of the Philippines (Fin.Ed)

Deloitte-FINEX 2015-2016 Outstanding Finance Educator for the National Capital Region Accred

ited Capital Market Investment Teacher and Practitioner by the Capital Market Institute of the Philippines Read Less

Carlo B. Tiu

Salesman/Stockbroker at Asiasec Equities, Inc. Certified Investment Solicitor at First Metro Asset Management Inc.

Graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Finance and Treasury Management

Roberto Samson

Robbi Samson is a SEC-licensed Certified Securities Representative and Certified Investment Solicitor.

He graduated from the Ateneo de Davao University with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2007 and attained his Master in Business Administration degree from the same institution in 2019. Afterwards, he became a part-time instructor for Graduate School students, teaching Portfolio Management & Investment Analysis at the Ateneo de Davao University. Read More...

He is also a Specialist of Managerial & Organizational Leadership from the Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California.

He is currently the Business Development Section Head of Mindanao for First Metro Securities, and is based in Davao City since 2014. Read Less



OSTII Philosophy is built within the name itself. Throughout history, the Oak has been represented as a symbol of strength, morale, steadiness and knowledge. It is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength and the best representation of all that is true, wholesome, stable, and noble. All these symbolisms of the oak is where our philosophy is founded, we wanted to bridge these qualities to all our students in order for us to bring out the best in them, the Oakbridge way.

Our admission process strive to select for diversity in each batch in the areas of personalities, work, interests, and backgrounds. Our job as mentors is to bring out the strengths in that diversity. For we believe, traders are multi-faceted, they have different needs, objectives and niche.

We support and encourage each student in stepping beyond what is already known and comfortable in order to grow, even if it leads to what could be viewed as “risk & mistakes.” We strive to understand and value the pathway each student is following and try to create an environment that is custom-made for them. We assume that students will make mistakes, fundamentally and practically, and that it is our job to make sure these mistakes are opportunities for growth and increased understanding.

We promote collaborative work and supportive relationships. Even in competitive situations that we encounter, we strive to continue to support each other and to recognize and respect individual differences and accomplishments.

In a similar vein, we believe that our experienced mentors from different charter holders and financial institution do their best when allowed enough autonomy to pursue their passions in teaching, and we value this expertise that our mentors bring to their classes.

In evaluating student progress and performance, we value the consistency of each student in applying the Oakbridge framework powered by Bloomberg Education System which addresses the different ways in which a student performs in our varied curriculum. We use comprehensive data performance to evaluate each student’s progress. We believe that it is critical to focus our evaluations on what growth an individual student has accomplished and where he or she needs to continue to grow and improve.